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The traditional view of coaching has not utilised technology to provide companies, consultancies,
coaches or coachees with easy, intuitive means by which to facilitate learning & development.
Unique to CoCo is the
m3 effect, whereby every step in the coaching journey is made simple with all
processes seamlessly integrated generating efficiencies and time/cost benefits.

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As the need and demand for coaching grows internationally, scale can only be effectively and efficiently achieved through an online platform. Additionally, with changes to the EU laws for privacy governed by GDPR compliance which are now being adopted by many countries around the world, CoCo mitigates regulatory risk for all users.

The current global health pandemic and its economic implications have fundamentally changed leader's behaviours; virtual coaching is now a key area of
growth in the coaching industry. CoCo provides accessibility to coaches in all countries who are best served through a digital platform experience.

CoCo is an independent, flexible service provider which can cater for individual customer needs through bespoke development as a partner, with a real commitment to the future sustainability and growth of the coaching industry.

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Who Do We Work With ...


  • A central point to review options, develop a shortlist, and select coaches
    (individually or via a coach provider)

  • A central point to manage and assess the progress of programs

  • Tools to evaluate programmes in the context of investment and impact.


  • A central point to review progress on all ongoing coaching programmes

  • Information to enable the assessment of when to follow up with coachees

  • Tools to evaluate programmes in the context of investment and over all impact on the business.


  • A “shop window” for their business and the coaches they can provide

  • Potential to white label software and present as their own

  • Evaluate progress of active programmes and assessment of coaches.


  • Presentation of their profile, ideally using static information and video

  • Quick and intuitive user experience (less than 60 secs to register and approx. 10 minutes to complete their profile)

  • Business development, programme management and secure data distribution and sharing.


  • Review coach profiles and make selections via a chemistry process

  • Participate in programmes with secure, real time sharing of relevant data

  • Management of programme steps and resources such as session dates, assignments and hand-outs.

Most coaching platforms are supported by either learning & development (L&D) companies trying to provide
technology or technology companies with an aspiration toward L&D.

CoCo has proven expertise and vast experience from both L&D and tech markets.

Our partners do not have to shape their business to the functionality of CoCo, instead we shape CoCo to the business of our partners.

In technology partnership with investor, G2L-Unity, CoCo has access to 65+ developers. They provide significant development bandwidth, support, enterprise analysts and system architects with more than 30 years commercial experience.


CoCo's world-class technical capability supports bespoke development precisely to our enterprise partners needs.

The CoCo board of investors, operations team and L&D faculty comprises of experts across numerous coaching modalities, as well as HR management, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

The CoCo L&D portfolio comprises coaching, psychometric analysis and employee engagement and boasts among its enterprise partners, one of the largest L&D companies in the world, GP Strategies.

Whether it's a customer-led bespoke development of the CoCo platform to meet a specific requirement, or the integration of 3rd party apps and services into an existing platform, or a new app or system built from scratch, CoCo is qualified to offer a unique service from experts for experts.

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Technical Capability

Meet The Team


Peter Dean

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I bring passion and the desire to build sustainable relationships to all conversations and client engagements. My hallmark is the ability to sit back, see and then join those "Leadership dots" in practical and effective ways that actually deliver measurable outcomes.

As an experienced senior executive, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and integrity to our clients. Having successfully run Public Private Partnerships for the UK Government as well as leading larger multinational businesses in 4 continents I am well-versed in partnering with all Businesses to help then succeed.


Robin Barber

Director and CFO

Forty-two years ago, after working as a research chemist and teaching chemistry and computer science, I turned my attention to programming and hardware design.


In 1978, I set up my own company and became involved in the design and implementation of many innovative hardware projects, eventually progressing through various stages of programming and management to my present positions of Technical and Financial Director of G2L and Managing Director of CoCo.

As Managing Director and CFO for CoCo, I am responsible for the company compliance and finances. 

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Andrew Barber

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I am a system and data architect with a development background, while also an mBit coach with a passion for using a mixed approach so to achieve a more rounded, holistic result.

I have worked in the L&D sector for 4 years, providing technology to match the changing tides of the coaching industry; including work around better assessment methodology, programme management and compliance.

My role at CoCo involves interpreting industry trends and the needs of our different members into system architecture that supports a sustainable, meaningful and relevant value to the future of coaching.

Caron Margarete.jpg

Caron Margarete

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Global Marketing and Communications

I am unique in that I do not believe that marketing is separate to sales. And, vice versa; without one, you haven't got the other. Likewise, with customer service, engagement and support. Each part of the client's journey is interwoven in how we market and sell, engage and deliver outstanding service. 

In my role, I apply strategic thinking and analysis to campaign planning and implementation. I first think globally and then reverse engineer solutions to local markets. It is important to me that we reach audiences both digitally and analogously in mediums that match generational requirements while remaining relevant, consistent and trusted for coaches and the coaching industry.

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