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Successful Business!

Fully engage your company’s talent by maximizing their skills and ideas through coaching. Let your team grow to their full potential and watch your business thrive!

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Technology is rapidly changing the way coaching is managed and delivered

How does your Enterprise maximise the opportunities created by these technical innovations?

CoCo, The Coaching Platform, as an enterprise-led technology, is changing the coaching landscape by adding value and saving costs at every step of the learning journey. Through CoCo’s m3 effect of match-manage-measure, we optimally match coaches with coachees, eliminate the burden of manual administration, and provide business-focused measurable outcomes. CoCo is the one-platform coaching solution that delivers for all its customers and users.

  • Best-in-class solution, built specifically for the Enterprise and Consultancy market

  • Continually innovates and supports new trends in coaching evolution

  • Supports assessments, programme measurement and tracked outcomes

  • Allows for centrally procured and managed engagements across a global enterprise

  • Complete enterprise branding, user training and verification

  • Enhances and supplements existing enterprise business models

  • Market-leader in interconnected coaching platforms and technologies supporting both virtual and face-to-face programs

  • Plays nicely with other technologies - fully supported API integration with other system components.

You can manage all of your coaches, along with all of your coaching engagements from a single, secure location

Business Meeting

Why CoCo?

Face-to-face or Virtual

Movement toward operations being conducted across a dispersed work place has led to business being managed across a more virtual landscape. Given the changes we are now seeing around the globe, as driven by the COVID19 pandemic, it is clear that business and coaching must evolve.


CoCo can facilitate virtual or face-to-face, full life-cycle management, of all of your coaching engagements. From chemistry and selection, through objectives and coaching to assessment and reporting.


So wherever your offices are based in the world and no matter where your employees work, CoCo can join all of the dots and return the best possible results!

Our Coaches or Yours

CoCo can support your search for the perfect coach in a number of different ways. For instance, did you know that as well as being able to add your own coaches to the system, you can also source coaches from our database? Use the “Quick Search” function to create candidate lists or focus your search with our CoCo Market tools.

If you are looking for a more value-added approach to your coaching framework, why not search our directory of consultancies, each offering their own unique brand of services to our enterprise customers?


Or if you have specific objectives in mind, why not source your coaches by searching our directory of programmes from our “trusted” providers?

Safe, Efficient, Effective

At CoCo, we understand that the data and the functionality required by a user is dependent on the role they play in any specific programme. We provide a rich canvas from which to create your ideal coaching framework. Assign the appropriate roles to your system users and ensure that programme participants have the level of access you desire.

CoCo provides powerful, fully integrated case management tools, a CRM and a document manager allowing you to manage users, design programmes and oversee all elements of any given engagement. Through our unique m3 effect, you are able to efficiently and effectively manage your entire coaching strategy from a single point!

Analyzing Graphs

Making Commercial Sense

  • Removes admin burden for all parties, allows the focus to be on the craft not process

  • Mitigates GDPR compliance and risk for your enterprise

  • Provides a global digital solution that facilitates a diverse array of coaching programs

  • Complements rather than disrupts existing in-house and supplier contracts

  • Ensures full alignment with overall enterprise learning & development requirements

  • Allows HR to own the overall programme without changing coach-coachee dynamics

  • Manages collateral and assets, such as documents and contacts, from a single point - reducing the need for multiple licenses across numerous application

Proactive, Rapid Support

CoCo provides an exceptional support experience, as well as training options and extensive documentation

As well as providing a comprehensive enterprise manual, video tutorials and occasional webinars, CoCo also provides tailored user training to specifically fit how your company plans to use the platform. Additionally, rapid and friendly support is available direct from the platform via our internal mail system or from your usual email client.

We are also able to provide support via WhatsApp, while our enterprise partnering programme ensures that any ideas you have for future iterations of the system are taken entirely seriously! At CoCo you are more than just a client - you are a member of a rapidly growing network of companies and individuals similarly focused on the future of the coaching industry.

  • Dramatically simplifies process and yields cost savings

  • Seamless integration with your IT system: cloud-based, 24/7 support

  • Measures program impact thereby allowing for smarter investment decisions

  • Allows global visibility and management of coaching costs and suppliers

  • Enhanced levels of enterprise control and governance

  • Proven record in delivering qualitative and quantitative return on investments/impacts

  • Central point of management for companies with a dispersed working environment

  • An intuitive, out of the box solution to all of your coaching needs 

  • A well supported solution backed up with training options from a responsive and friendly team.

Business Team

What CoCo Delivers

Differentiate your business; request a CoCo demo. It's designed by leadership experts for coaching experts who know what you and your clients need - the m3 effect.

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