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Bring Your Coaching Into Focus

Let us bring new business to your doorstep, give you GDPR compliance, manage all of your programmes and deal with your client admin - All for a $1 a day!

Why not give us a try, we are offering you a one month, no obligation trial for just $1.

CoCo is a superb platform for any professional coach

It provides the coach with the ability to manage clients & coaching sessions across the globe via a simple and easy to use online platform, as well as the opportunity to be part of a global coach database from which other organisations can access the coach profiles for potential coaching assignments.

Julie Lewis - Senior HR Project Manager

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Business Development

Business development can be one of those “where do I start?” questions and even when you push past that, do you really have the time?

CoCo provides a powerful means of developing your business based on the very smallest investment of time. By simply keeping a fully updated profile on the platform you can receive invitations for coaching assignments or be approached by coaching consultancies for associate positions.

Coaches only want to coach, they do not want to spend their time tracking down new business. Our innovative coaching market place simplifies the hunt - so that new business can come direct to you. Less effort, more time to coach!

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Client Management

Whether it’s in your little black book or stored across a series of digital files, it can be difficult to manage all facets of a coaching practice from multiple locations.

CoCo manages all of this information in one place in a unified, logical way. You can view all documents, files, comments, assignments, coaching hours, client details and data from a single dashboard. CoCo gives context to data that may previously have seemed irrelevant or disconnected.

CoCo's client management functionality is akin to you having your own personalized CRM database, increasingly important in today's global market place.


Coaching Impact

Data around coaching impact or Return on Impact (ROI) can allow program sponsors a means of judging just how effective
any coaching program has been.

CoCo has the ability for a programme to be measured through various different means of assessment, usually including the Coachee, Line Manager and various other stakeholders.

In addition, CoCo also provides the means for a coach to be graded according to the coachee experience during a programme. Both impact measurements and coach ratings can lead to new
business based on reputation while giving your clients more confidence in their purchasing decision.

GDPR is ‘designed in’

As an Executive Coach, I have found the CoCo platform to be a very helpful system to update and share my profile, keep track of coaching sessions and share notes & files with coaching clients in a way that ensures confidentiality.

The fact that GDPR is ‘designed in’ is also reassuring for all concerned.

I would recommend it for its professional and user friendly management of large volume coaching assignments.

Margaret Bishop - Director, Senior Team Coach, Executive Coach

Storm Clouds


It is a commonly held belief that data is safer if you keep it out of the cloud. Paper can’t be hacked, a word document or spreadsheet is safe when filed on your computer hard drive or locked in your filing cabinet and, of course, your emails are safe. This is false!

Your computer can be stolen. Paper copies are not kept or destroyed securely. Your computer, email, backup and server can be hacked.

If you are using any of the above methods to manage your programs, you will be in breach of the new GDPR laws. If just one of your clients lives in a GDPR-governed country, your full database must comply with the laws.


Think this doesn't apply to you? False. Many countries are now applying similar laws.

Under GDPR, your clients must know

  • What personal data is being held with relevance to them

  • How to review any data relevant to them

  • How to delete any data relevant to them

  • How and where that data is being stored

CoCo is run via an SSL certificate, which protects data between the server and the user’s computer. It uses one-way encryption, which ensures all data is securely stored. The coachee can login to their account and see all information relevant to them. They have the option to delete their account (and the data).

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How we can Bring New Business to your Door

Your Plain English




Business Development

Made Easy

Coaches just want to coach

I have spoken to literally hundreds of coaches in dozens of countries and the message is always the same - coaches just want to coach!

They don't want to be sidetracked by admin or have to worry about where there next client is going to come from. Where CoCo offers the real value is in its ability to deliver new business to the coach, while taking care of all of their client and programme management, with the added bonus of being GDPR compliant.

Andrew Barber - CEO G2L Online, Executive Solutions Architect and Senior Consultant on Technology in Coaching


Ensure the best online fit between yourself and any proposed coachee
through the employment of your detailed profile and our chemistry tools, Selection criteria for
both virtual and face-to-face coaching assignments and
programmes - as easy as a few clicks.


Automate all existing time-consuming and burdensome
manual processes for client, consultancy, coach and
coachee administration, business development,
communication, client and programme management.


Generate reports to provide useful, relevant and timesensitive
data for determining return on
impact to enable better decisions &


Just how effective was that programme?


CoCo Beans

No deed should go unrewarded, so we will credit your account with CoCo beans every time you login to your account or sign off completed coaching hours.


Better still, every time you refer a friend, we will not only reward you, but gift your friend's account too.


You will also receive extra beans for any coaching hours you give up to our community programme or when having your profile verified. Indeed we are adding new and exciting ways to earn all of the time.


Beans can be exchanged for free months of subscription, priority advertising for your programmes and a growing number of other “in-platform” products.

We also reward our top monthly earner with one month subscription completely for free and highlight their profile in the CoCo Market.

Being a bean counter has never been so much fun - so login and start earning today!

CoCo For Trust

Why not supercharge your business development, become a CoCo verified coach and be a part of our ethical approach to the industry. For just $29.95 (one off payment) we will verify your profile for the safeguard of our coachee members.

As a verified coach, you may place an unlimited number of programmes in the CoCo Market and appear at the top of all searches, while your profile will be awarded the CoCo Trust badge to show our members your profile has been checked.

We award CoCo beans to every coach that joins our Trust programme.

CoCo For the Community

Our coachee membership includes university students and graduates as well as people hit financially by the COVID19 disaster. As part of our commitment to the community, we actively encourage coaches to consider providing some coaching hours at a reduced rate.

When completing your profile you will find options for COVID19 and student rates as well as the opportunity to offer time for free. Its quick, simple and helps you to help others.

We will reward coaches with CoCo beans for every single hour they give up to supporting the community!

CoCo for Resource

As well as providing a world class toolbox for coaches globally, CoCo is committed to providing a resource hub that keeps time with the pulse of the industry.


Our brand new Faculty was founded with the heady ambition of pulling together the many different areas of coaching, so to drive research and forge a new template for the industry.


In addition we invite you, our members, to contribute papers and articles to add to our growing library of resource – we will award CoCo beans for every article or paper we publish.

Still not sure or want to know more ...

Unlike other platforms, we provide a series of benefits exclusive to our coaching family. Unlock monthly giveaways and access member-only discounts as well as exchange your CoCo beans for real products and services.

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