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Something New Every Month

Join CoCo - The Coaching Platform to gain benefits from your subscription every single month! We are working to help your coaching business thrive.


Give us a try, we are offering you a one month, no obligation trial for just $1.

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Monthly Exclusives

At CoCo, we are keen to help our coaching family to thrive. So every month we are giving away to our members, products and services that we know will help you and your coaching practice to be bigger, better, faster and stronger.

Take advantage of courses, webinars and exclusive content, all included in your subscription!


Through our partner network, we are able to offer our members discounts on a growing number of products and services.

UI/UX, including SEO, website health checks, analytics and web design are all already available to our members at discounted rates and we are adding to these products all of the time.

CoCo Rewards

Our exclusive loyalty programme allows you to earn CoCo beans for exchange on in-platform products and services or to use with our CoCo partners.


We are constantly adding to the way you can earn beans as well as use them for making real purchases. Counting beans has never been more fun! 

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Month One

Coaching & Technology - How to Win!

Expert technology leaders of CoCo, the Coaching Platform discuss "real life" scenarios, as we explore how technology can enhance your coaching business.

Perform contact management through an intuitive, light CRM service, share and securely store your documents, manage all aspects of your coaching programmes from schedule and objectives to assessment and aftercare. Boost your admin capability, providing centralised management and freeing up time.

We will show you the best methods and techniques to boost your shop window while enhancing your business development by letting the technology find work for you!

Being a Part of the Changing Landscape

Whether you are an executive coach with thousands of accredited hours or a lifestyle, health or wellness practitioner, this content is a must see exploration of how the industry has been forced to evolve by the world's new realities.

Our expert panel, drawn from a talented pool of coaches and each from a different area of the industry, take us on a journey around the world as it has become. Together we will explore a world without borders, governance and compliance, an increased need for better assessment, the advantage of digital management and the benefits that may come from having a more mixed tool box of coaching methods.

Business Meeting

Month Two

Business People Mingling

Month Three

CoCo GDPR Compliance Course

Are you GDPR complaint? Do you need to be? Do you know what GDPR is?

Help is at hand. Our course content will lead you through every aspect of compliance, explaining your responsibilities and helping to ensure that every aspect of your business is legal.

The CoCo GDPR course is a part of our wider, CoCo Trust programme. Complete the course at your leisure and then pass a short exam so to unlock certification and the CoCo Data Security Trust badge for your coaching profile. And as if that were not enough we will also reward you with CoCo beans!

We revise and add to our Monthly Benefits at the end of every quarter. Visit again soon to see our next quarter’s benefits!

CoCo Beans

No deed should go unrewarded, so we will credit your account with CoCo beans every time you login to your account or sign off completed coaching hours.


Better still, every time you refer a friend, we will not only reward you, but gift your friend's account too.


You will also receive extra beans for any coaching hours you give up to our community programme or when having your profile verified. Indeed we are adding new and exciting ways to earn all of the time.


Beans can be exchanged for free months of subscription, priority advertising for your programmes and a growing number of other “in-platform” products.

We also reward our top monthly earner with one month subscription completely for free and highlight their profile in the CoCo Market.

Being a bean counter has never been so much fun - so login and start earning today!

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