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Supercharge your business development, guarantee trust with CoCo Verification!


It's easy to apply, quick to complete and a must for your CoCo Market shop window.

  Add the CoCo Trust badge to your profile today!

Stand out in the coaching crowd

Globally, it is estimated that there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners in 2019, an increase of 33% on the 2015 estimate.* This number is only going to increase as more and more individuals and organisations embrace the benefits of coaching.

The CoCo Market is home to a great many of these coaches, all vying for new business. As a CoCo coach, you need your profile to be positioned higher in searches and to highlight your skills and qualifications to prospective coachees in a standout fashion.

You need to ensure your profile gives your prospective coachee confidence to choose you.

(*2020 ICF Global Coaching Study: Executive Summary)

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Stand Out

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What is CoCo Verification?

How do you ensure your profile gives your prospective coachee confidence to choose you.


CoCo verification is a process of reviewing your CoCo profile, checking your qualification documentation and meeting with you to "verify" that you are who you say you are.

The CoCo verification process does not determine the quality of coach you are. It is a process of verifying your profile information. If your profile says that you have NLP training, we verify your certificate with the issuing company. If your profile says you speak English, French and Swahili then when we meet we ask you to speak those languages into a translation tool. If you're certified for 100 coaching hours, we verify that too. We check so your prospective coachees don't need to.

We want to guarantee to our coachees they can trust you before they've even met you.

Step One

Once you have subscribed to CoCo – The Coaching Platform, the first thing to do is login and complete your profile..

Your Coach Profile is your shop window in the CoCo Market. It is how you tell the world who you are and what you do, be sure to include as much detail as possible as well as a photo and video.

Step Two

Purchase the CoCo Verification Badge for just $29.95 and then sit back and let us do the rest.

We will contact you to arrange an informal chat over Zoom so that we can verify things such as your photo, video and languages. We will also check any certificates or accreditation you have named in your profile.  

Step Three

We only check those items you have listed in your profile so that a coachee can be certain what you are advertising about your coaching practice can be trusted.

Once you have completed the verification process, the CoCo Trust badge will change from grey to green and you will be listed toward the top of any relevant search.

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Why Become Verified?

In simple terms, the verification process allows our coachee database (your potential customers) to view your profile with confidence.

Not only will your profile appear toward the top of any relevant search but also provide peace of mind that the details you have provided are true and correct.

In these times of little governance within the industry and in a world where anybody can be a coach, the verification process provides transparency.

And if at any time you add to your profile, we will automatically check your new details for you.

How to become CoCo verified?

CoCo verification couldn't be easier. Simply click on the "verify" button under the grey verification icon on your profile. A pop up will give you more information and you can click to be redirected to the CoCo Unlimited website to complete the purchase, a one-off fee of US$29.95.

Coachees may also pay for your verification from the CoCo Market. We will conduct the same verification process and invite you to pay for your verification if you would like it to be visible on
your profile.

Better still, we will credit your account with 50 CoCo Beans as a big thank you for adding your name to our trusted programme. 

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Trust is the hardest thing to establish in a new coaching relationship. With CoCo verification, you can rest assured that we've done half the work for you.

Download our Verification Brochure

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