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Successful You!

From Executive to Lifestyle with everything in between. Let CoCo take you on a journey and discover your true potential. Safe, trusted, virtual coaching just one click away!

Join for free, it takes less than a minute and gives you full access to our extensive list of coaches.

We Make Coaching Accessible to All

Those heady summer days, standing on your favourite beach with gentle waves lapping at your toes may now feel but a distant memory. COVID19, global recession and a rapidly changing professional environment, would seem to consume time and create a new, far less colourful reality.


It doesn’t have to be like that! We are in this together, one global community of humankind and help is at hand. CoCo is fully committed to delivering support through all styles of coaching and in ways that are accessible to all ...

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Free & Unlimited

CoCo membership provides free and unlimited access to literally hundreds of coaches and coaching styles anywhere in the world.

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Select from a range of coaches with "trusted" profiles that have been checked and verified, adding additional security to your search.

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Our Student and COVID19 support schemes can open the door to coaching for those who would otherwise find it inaccessible.

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Thanks to innovations in virtual coaching, sessions can be held safely from any remote location, via your computer, tablet or mobile.

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From Executive to Lifestyle

and Everything In Between


CoCo is a world-class Enterprise coaching platform, partnering some of the largest coaching consultancies on the planet, along with some of the best business coaches around.

So, whether your need is as a sponsored coachee through your employer or as a private individual looking to hire a coach independently, we have a solution to meet your needs; search for your next executive coach on Coco today.


Healthy mind, healthy life! We all try the latest diet, make an effort to exercise harder, and yet with a wellness coach, these changes can be built into our lives in a way that is sustainable.

Eat, drink, play and be happier emotionally as well as physically. In these claustrophobic times of bad news, lockdown and isolation, you can create and live a new, happier, healthier version of you.


Whether you are looking to change your career or you are reassessing your goals in life, a lifestyle coach can offer you the help and support that you need. We all want to feel more engaged in our lives, to be happy with our daily routine and find ways to make our journey more in line with our dreams.


Our world is changing, it is normal to feel anxious about the coming days; but you don’t need to face it alone, choose a CoCo Lifestyle coach.

A Holistic Approach

We are extremely complex; to suggest that a single tool can solve every problem is just simply unrealistic. Often the help and support that we require needs more than one coach with more than one skill set.


Maybe we would like to look at changing our career while also addressing our levels of fitness or perhaps we would like some coaching around leadership to help us at work, while reassessing our goals at home. And our needs continuously evolve, what we need right now may change in the months and years to come.


Whatever the support you require, CoCo can safely match you with coaches that not only can meet your needs but also have the right chemistry to ensure that you get along. You can engage in as many programmes as you wish with as many coaches as you need, taking advantage of a vast array of different skills and experience.


Through our faculty, research and technical development, our iterative platform continues to offer the best and most powerful tools to help you match, manage and measure your journey using the best coaches and coaching methods to suit you.



Search pre-designed programmes or our full coach database to find your perfect match.


CoCo not only provides a powerful search facility to help you find that perfect coach or programme, but also helps you to setup chemistry meetings to make sure that you and your chosen coach get along.

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Together with your coach, set your objectives and devise a schedule for your programme and then let the platform manage everything for you.


You can have more than one coach and more than one programme with all the details managed from one secure place.

Analyzing the data


Using an array of assessment tools, from mid and end point to Return on Impact and ongoing checkups, measure and rate the success of your coaching while keeping yourself accountable to your objectives.

Use ongoing measurement to keep track of changes and assess new and emerging coaching requirements.


Join for free, it takes less than a minute and gives you full access to our extensive list of coaches

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