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Be the Best Kind of Different


Innovation in technology drives all kinds of business by adding value and saving costs

Let CoCo deliver a cost-effective and unique coaching proposition to your business.

Book a demo to see how our platform can help your consultancy grow.

Technology is rapidly changing the way coaching is managed and delivered

How does your consultancy maximise the opportunities created by these technical innovations?

CoCo, The Coaching Platform, is changing the coaching landscape by adding value and saving costs at every step of the way. Through CoCo’s unique m3 effect of match-manage-measure, we optimally match coaches with coachees, eliminate the burden of manual administration, and provide business-focused measurable outcomes. CoCo is the one-platform coaching solution to enhance your unique selling proposition.

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Why CoCo?

  • Best-in-class solution, built specifically for the Enterprise and Consultancy market

  • Manage one-to-one, group and team coaching

  • An automated solution for end-to-end coaching programs

  • Supports virtual and face-to-face delivery - the CoCo platform provides an automated solution ready for use, straight out of the box

  • Supports new trends - the next step in coaching evolution

  • Offers a CRM solution to manage client relationships alongside coaching engagements

  • Programme measurement and tracked outcomes

  • The platform supports assessments and allows add-on sales managed centrally - a global solution.


You can manage all of your coaches and clients, along with all of your coaching engagements from a single, secure location

For your Consultancy

  1. Real, added-value differentiated USP you can offer existing clients

  2. Branded as your platform and offers a bespoke solution

  3. Removes administration burden for all users - consultancy, client, coach

  4. Partners opportunities - with CoCo reciprocal partner, advertising, shared resources

  5. Provides a digital solution to managing global programmes

  6. More than just a pool of expert coaches

  7. An incentive for coaches to be aligned with your business - increased opportunities, automated administration, mitigates their GDPR compliance and risk

  8. Pool coaches specific to your client and make them available digitally in seconds

  9. One2One, Group and Team engagements

  10. Advertise your business profile to our enterprise users

Investment Chart
  1. CoCo platform enables HR to exercise enhanced control and ensure global governance

  2. Dramatically enhances processes and yields resource cost savings as significantly reduces admin time

  3. Allows visibility and management of coaching costs and suppliers, globally

  4. Provides client coachees with a user-friendly, one-stop ‘shop’ for their coaching journey

  5. Enables the measurement of coaching programmes to help define investment value and future needs

  6. A complimentary tool with seamless integration into the client IT system - cloud-based, 24/7 support

  7. Supports virtual and face-to-face for all types of coaching interventions

  8. Mitigates GDPR compliance and risk, compliant with IT protocols

  9. Full consultancy branding and user access and control

  10. Faster, more efficient chemistry process

Top 10 Benefits

For your Clients

A Case Study


At GP Strategies, we continually strive to innovate and add value for their clients. Our Executive Coaching service is no exception. We needed to optimally support our Executive Coaching Service (ECS) clients by automating and enhancing existing coaching practices to offer the best value and efficiency. After a market review, we selected the enterprise-focused CoCo coaching platform.

We have worked collaboratively with the CoCo team and their technology partner, G2L-Unity, to develop a bespoke and integrated coaching platform best suited to the specific needs of our
clients, coaches and ourselves.

After six months of collaboration we now have a platform solution that provides quantifiable benefits for all parties involved in coaching, be it executive, team or mentoring - critically achieved without impacting on the quality of the coaching itself.

The platform's innate flexibility and digital capabilities, which mirror real tasks, coaching assignments and behaviours mean we are able to rapidly respond to both market demands and client needs.

Within our leadership and development division, we see coaching as a global area of growth. With this increased demand comes the need to be scalable. Having successfully used the CoCo coaching platform over the last year we continue to see
it as a key ingredient to support our ECS aspirations and goals.

It is equally appreciated by internal and external stakeholders, clients, HR and IT as its functions have been designed by experts for experts.

Damian Callanan - Global Account Director

Differentiate your business; request a CoCo demo. It's designed by leadership experts for coaching experts who know what you and your clients need - the m3 effect.

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