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  • What are coco beans?
    CoCo Beans may be accumulated through our coach loyalty programme. This is how we reward you for using the platform. Beans can be redeemed against a variety of offers and in-platform products, including your monthly subscription fees.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please note, that depending on your billing cycle you may be billed for a final month.
  • What is the subscription?
    Coaches pay $1 for their first months subscription, thereafter you are billed $29.95 monthly in advance via our secure payment gateway.
  • What do I get for my subscription?
    You get access and global visibility across CoCo - The Coaching Platform. In addition, you receive monthly benefits, which include but are not limited to a programme of online courses, webinars, a year-end summary report, and enrolment in our CoCo Beans loyalty scheme, all of which are carefully designed to help your business THRIVE.
  • How is CoCo - The Coaching Platform different?
    CoCo is a one-platform solution that enables all coaching genres and users to come together in one place. Executive, leadership, wellbeing and lifestyle coaches are all equally at home and can avail themselves of the platforms processes and efficiencies.
  • Does CoCo support virtual coaching?
    Virtual telecommunications are not API integrated into CoCo, however, you can save virtual meeting rooms into a programme schedule and link to them direct from any programme. You can launch all of the leading virtual meeting applications direct from inside a programme, including Zoom, Teams and Blue Jeans.
  • Is Coach and Coachee data kept confidential?
    CoCo has been designed in partnership by both coaching and technology experts. The need for confidentiality is therefore understood and fully protected within the platform
  • How do you verify a Coach?
    We have a standard verification process which ensure a coach is who they say they are according to their profile. At this time, we do not offer accreditation, however, the CoCo Faculty is currently discussing the best ways in which we can provide this service to our coaches.
  • How does a Coachee engage with CoCo - The Coaching Platform?
    Coachees are able to register free of charge on the platform to search for a potential coach or coaching programme in the CoCo Market, located in the menu on the platform.
  • How does CoCo help a Coach win work?
    CoCo approaches this question from 3 angles: CoCo approaches this question from three angles: 1) Via the unique m3 effect – match-manage-measure – CoCo automates all prior labour intensive processes and makes the coach-coachee experience seamless. 2) CoCo’s subscription benefits have been designed to support a coach win incremental work and improve their coaching practices. 3) The CoCo Market is the 'Coaching Business Exchange' that facilitates coachees, consultancies and enterprise clients find a new coach with specific skills, as well as the provisions courses, programmes and related services.
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