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CoCo Opportunity Discovery

A general overview of the CoCo platform for Coaches, Coachees, Coaching Consultancies and Enterprise



COVID-19 Impacts on Coaching Trends

International (borderless) Virtual Coaching Will Rise

As the coaching industry grows, so too will be the need to standardise, regulate and govern the practices of the industry on a local and an internationally-recognised level. Thus far, it is possible for anyone to call themselves a coach with nothing more than a few carefully worded testimonials to market their capability and credibility. As the market begins to increase, it will be harder to determine the quality of coaching; it will not be long before it becomes essential to be a verified coach that is held accountable to specific industry standards in order to gain the recognition needed to call yourself a “qualified” coach.

Online courses, programmes and webinars, virtual conferences as well as online individual and group coaching have become more acceptable forms of education and coaching since the commencement of COVID-19 restrictions. Learning that was once face-to-face has been forced into a digital arena with little to support its educators and coaches for the transformation to their practice.

Internationally Recognised Certifications Will be Standard

CoCo The M3 Effect

A general overview of the CoCo M3 Effect for Coaches, Coachees, Coaching Consultancies and Enterprise



The Chemistry Effect

  • The only platform that automates all the time-consuming, manual, administration processes

  • Complies with international privacy compliance to GDPR standards

  • On trend with the technological proficiencies required for digital delivery

  • Streamlines business development, client relationship management, communication and

  • All the necessary elements for successful coaching assignments in one fully integrated, online, global platform

  • Uses cutting edge technology developed specifically for the learning & development industry

  • Provides an end-to-end partnership philosophy and approach for all users and clients

  • Operates as an in-house technology solution for all coaching practices, consultancies and enterprises

The Process Effect

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